Customized training

On-site or online training tailored for your needs

Customized training

We tailor the courses for organization specific needs. These trainings can be arranged on-site or they can be arranged as eLearning courses. We prepare the trainings in close co-operation with your organization. Very often these trainings are combined with a strategy or product development project. These trainings can also be used when preparing for a change.

On-site training

We can offer you customized training courses organized face-to-face on site. Please ask for a separate offer.

eLearning courses for organisations.

We can offer you customized eLearning courses that can utilize elements from our standard eLearning Courses and/or materials prepared specifically for your organization.

Some examples

• eHealth related trends in Europe
• Data sharing and shared workflow – trends and international examples
• Structured and document based data sharing
• What is openEHR?
• Development of an openEHR market in a particular region
• Modular openEHR based electronic social and health care records
• National and regional XDS based data sharing