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eLearning for individuals who want to study interesting topics at their own pace

We have selected current topics that we feel are enablers for disruptive change in the selected industry. We analyze these topics from several points of view to give you a comprehensive overview. We have prepared our presentations in a way that ensures the concepts are broken into smaller parts that are easy to understand.

The studies are split into 5-20 minutes training modules allowing you to study when you have the time. The platform remembers your study progress and suggests that you continue your studies where you left off. There is also a possibility to ask questions from the tutor. This is ideal for studying at your own pace.

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Technical Course

1 000€ + local VAT

This course familiarizes you with the openEHR architecture and its core technical elements. Practical examples show you how to use the Clinical Knowledge Manager, the openEHR API and low code tools for building user interfaces. The examples have been prepared with the openEHR development tools from a company called Better.

openEHR and modular electronic health and social care records (ENG)​

650€ + local VAT

The course will familiarize you with an alternative step-by-step approach to building electronic health and social care records utilizing functional modules from several vendors. You will learn about the international openEHR data model and how it can be used as a basis for electronic health and social care records.

openEHR ja modu-laariset asiakas- ja potilastietojärjestelmät (FIN)

650€ + local VAT

Koulutuksessa esitellään vaihto-ehtoinen tapa rakentaa asiakas- ja potilastietojärjestelmäkokonaisuuksia (APTJ-kokonaisuuksia) paloittain lähtien erilaisista toiminnallisuuksista. Koulutuksessa syvennytään avoimeen, kansainväliseen openEHR-tietomalliin ja sen käyttöön asiakas- ja potilastietojärjestelmän tietomallina.

openEHR & Clinical Decision Support

650€ + local VAT

This course familiarizes you with creating clinical decision support (CDS) applications in the openEHR environment. After the course you understand clinical decision support basics and can create basic CDS modules using the GDL2 Editor. You also know how to create CE-marked production grade CDS solutions.