Driving change in the eHealth, MedTech and Life Science Industries

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What is Rosaldo, and how can we help you?

We are your partner in understanding your organization's strategic needs in the eHealth, MedTech and Life Science industries. The extensive experience in the field is at your service to help you achieve and realize your strategic goals. We specialize in new innovations and disruption in the industry, but we also understand the governance needs behind the scenes.

eLearning for individuals

We have innovative eLearning courses for you to study at your own pace. The topics are current and will help put difficult concepts into simple words for better understanding with real life examples.

Consulting projects in the rapidly changing world

Your projects might be of a diverse nature. You may search for help in winning procurement, you may want to develop your product offering or you may be trying to move into different markets. Or you may even want to consider a new strategy and accelerate change through M&A activities. We can definitely help you with that and much more. The extensive knowledge and broad networks in the industries directly translate into success in our work with your organization. We have a global mindset and have worked in more than 30 countries, which can be seen in any work we do.

Customized training to suit the training needs of your organization

Organizations have unique training needs and therefore we specialize in creating customized training to fulfill these needs. There are a variety of topics available starting from understanding disruptive concepts such as openEHR to managing the change in an organization. We can also pick-up a customer specific topic.