openEHR Awareness (ENG)

650,00 + local vat

Access time 90 days

The course will familiarize you with an alternative step-by-step approach to building electronic health and social care records utilizing functional modules from several vendors. You will learn about the international openEHR data model and how it can be used as a basis for electronic health and social care records.

The course will answer questions such as: What do we mean by openEHR based electronic health and social care record and what can we achieve by utilizing it? What kind of benefits can be gained by hospital districts, social care, and health care delivery entities? How does the openEHR based approach differ from the traditional concept for building electronic health and social care records? How can openEHR facilitate building of cross-organizational care pathways? How do we involve the clinician or the social care professional in a central role in developing data concepts and applications? And what kind of references can be found around the globe?

Active communication with the facilitator is encouraged while you study the course. Commenting, and asking questions will help you digest and analyze the topics from several viewpoints.