openEHR Clinical Decision Support (ENG)

650,00 + local vat

Access time 90 days

This course familiarizes you with the concept of clinical decision support (CDS) and teaches you how to build clinical decision support applications in openEHR environment. You will learn how to do clinical modeling and how to create CDS applications with the help of low code tools. You also get a unique opportunity to acquire practical modeling skills through creating and testing your own CDS module. After finishing the course you are familiar with clinical decision support basics, know how to create basic CDS modules using GDL2 Editor and understand the general process behind developing production grade CDS solutions on a high level.

The Course includes a conceptual part and a practical work part. The practical examples have been prepared using the tools from a company called Cambio CDS. The concepts and processes are, however, applicable also to other vendors’ tools.