VeraTech for Health and Rosaldo present an openEHR training program in Spanish.

Valencia, Spain – VeraTech for Health and Rosaldo, leading companies in the eHealth and openEHR consulting sector, have joined their knowledge and experience to develop a complete openEHR training program in Spanish. This initiative arises in response to the growing interest in this standard throughout Spain and focuses on meeting the training needs of different profiles, from functional to developers.

openEHR is a set of open-source specifications that allow the construction of electronic health record systems based on the principles of semantic interoperability of health data.

VeraTech for Health is a Valencian company dedicated to consulting and services in the field of semantic interoperability. Veratech for Health is an expert in openEHR and other open standards and terminologies. 

Rosaldo is a Finnish company with more than 25 years of experience in the eHealth, MedTech, and Life Science industries. It is specializing in innovations and disruptions in these industries. Rosaldo has introduced an innovative eLearning Ecosystem and has successfully sold the openEHR eLearning Courses developed by Rosaldo and its collaborators to customers in 19 countries.

David Moner, consultant at Veratech for Health, has contributed to the generation of openEHR. On the other hand, Hanna Pohjonen, consultant at Rosaldo, is a pioneer in providing openEHR education to a broader audience as a transformation tool. Both David and Hanna are board members of the openEHR international education program and are recognized with an openEHR Recognised Educators seal. Their experience and expertise are instrumental in the design and development of the Spanish training program.

The training language is Spanish, which allows greater accessibility and adaptation to Spanish-speaking participants. During the training, national and international use cases are presented, which will allow students to acquire a more global and complete vision of the use of openEHR in different contexts.

The openEHR training program offered by VeraTech for Health is divided into three modules, each designed for different professional profiles. The first module, called ”openEHR Awareness”, is suitable for any role or audience without the need for prior knowledge about openEHR. The Awareness module will familiarize you with an alternative step-by-step approach to building electronic health and social care records utilizing functional modules from several vendors. You will learn about the international openEHR data model, its benefits and risks, and how it can be used as a basis for electronic health and social care records. You will also learn how the openEHR market development looks like in Europe and beyond.

The second module, ”Modeling information for the electronic health record in openEHR”, is aimed at healthcare professionals, informaticians, and computer scientists who wish to specialize in clinical modeling in openEHR. In this course, you will be able to understand how openEHR can be used to develop interoperable and scalable health information systems, as well as acquire skills in modeling archetypes and templates in openEHR.

Finally, the third module, ”openEHR for developers”, is aimed at professionals with advanced computer and technology skills, and who wish to delve deeper into the development of applications and systems based on openEHR. In addition, you will learn about the tools and programming languages used for the representation and processing of archetypes and templates.

”We are excited to present this openEHR training program in collaboration with Rosaldo”, commented Maryna Danylyuk, CEO of VeraTech for Health. ”The main goal of this collaboration is to help healthcare professionals learn about openEHR and acquire sufficient professional skills to deploy openEHR”.

“We are happy to broaden our training program with Spanish eLearning Courses. This co-operation with Veratech gives us an excellent opportunity to serve the Spanish-speaking market in their native language,” commented Hanna Pohjonen, CEO of Rosaldo. “The opportunity to learn openEHR in your native language and together with your peers in a virtual eLearning classroom strengthens the possibilities to use the courses as a transformation tool”.

The digitization of training is another fundamental pillar of our openEHR training program. The interactive platform allows social eLearning: you can study at your own pace, but also communicate with your peers and the course facilitators.  The program structure is modular, and it is easy to adapt to all profiles. In addition, the platform allows detailed monitoring of participants’ progress and offers tools for evaluation and feedback.

 The training program will start with the openEHR Awareness course targeted for broadening the understanding of openEHR in the Spanish regions and in healthcare IT industry.

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